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12 Short Months, What A Difference!

12 Short Months, What A Difference By Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Business Reviews (2)

DEC 25TH 2019

It’s Christmas day, sunny, the beers are cold and the turkey and ham are cooking, kids are running around (hyper), road testing Xmas presents and before too long it will time to switch on the cricket and watching uncle Bob nodding off on your lounge, post-Chrissy lunch coma.

Sounds like an Aussie Christmas if I ever I heard one (nothing wrong with that) IF that’s what you choose to do.

DEC 25TH 2020

It’s Christmas day, snowing, the beer is already cold, lunch is being prepared by the resorts chef, turkey, ham, lobster, prawns the kids are (hyper) road testing Xmas present (snowboards) and before too long, it’s time to strap on the skis and head up to the mountain (you take out your phone “CLICK / WHOOSH” and text uncle Bob a selfie) …

12 Short Months, What A Difference By Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Business Reviews (4)

“BING” his phone receives your pic… He’s asleep on his lounge in Australia, post-Chrissy lunch coma. It sounds like Aussie Christmas in Canada, USA, French Alps, Swiss Alps…


This is the difference 12 months could mean to you and your family, between doing what you CAN ONLY DO (because that is what you can only afford) as opposed to doing WHAT YOU WANT TO DO (because this is what you can afford).

Nothing wrong with either situation, the difference is one is a job worker (on a strict budget) the other is a BUSINESS OWNER (who puts aside a % of refund fees each month for international family holidays) the real point here is “CHOICE”.

One person chose to make the call and finds about the refund industry and based on the data and their circumstances, started his or her own business via Create Australia, the other person chose to not call and keep everything the way it is (because making a phone call is way too scary) and justified it as being the right choice, even though they didn’t have the facts or any real knowledge to make a reasonable/rational decision.

Which one sounds like a smart choice for you?

Either of these (or some form of it) could be your reality in 12 short months, do nothing and nothing will change (that is an absolute certainty) you’ll still be watching uncle Bob snoring come Dec 25th, 2020.


ACT and MAKE THE CALL and the world can be a very different place for you and the family come Dec 25th, 2020.

Get the FACTS, check the DATA and then make a DECISION maybe it’s for you (maybe it’s not, that’s ok) but at least you’ll know for sure.

Dial this number (right now, don’t wait) 1800 617 111 !