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“This is Very Cool….”

– Jane

“Lots Of Excellent Advice…”

– Liz

“It Took Only Under 1 Week To Receive The Payment… ”

– Diane, P.

“I Feel Like It Is My Caling In Life To Work….”

– Peter, Refund Consultant

“Thanks So Much For This Opportunity….”

– Claudette, Newbie Refund Consultant

“Impressive, Thank You…

– Chris, New Consultant

“I’m Excited To Get Started….

– Leanne, G.


– Tracie R, Lilydale TAS

“I would also like to give you a BIG THANK YOU, I have over the last I would also like to give you a BIG THANK YOU, I have over the last year tried so many things to earn a living from home, and wasted soooooooooo much money and time purchasing and learning systems that in the end just rely on google as to whether i can make money or not…
Your system is different and is entirely up to me how hard I work and how much money I earn, so once again thank you for this genuine opportunity”

– Pam I, Tin Can Bay QLD

“Things are going well with my business, it was on part time bases. Though I have recently gotten some larger cheques! Thanks again for providing this opportunity. It’s so nice to work from home”

– JODY M, Caloundra, QLD

“I am sure you are my guardian angel!!! ….. I got to page 18 in your program booklet taking everything you have said and getting really scared & really excited at the same time….I knew this was meant for me and I burst into tears (of Joy)”

– Tracey T, Ermington, NSW

“Firstly, I was very happy that I had a positive start to my long climb is an understatstrongent. thanks to you, I have found what I need for my twilight years to become independent of a “boss”Secondly, I think this will be a wonderful trip. Today, I just want to say thank you. You are an antidepressant.”

– Bruce C, Mosman, NSW

“I have fondly nicknamed the package as the complete idiots guide because you have laid everything out in an easy to understand format., thank you!”

– Natalie B, Churchill, VIC

“Hi Myriam,

I wanted you to be the first to know that I have just received my very first completed claim cheque.
It was taken 4 months, but it is worth it to receive my fee of $2200 dollars. I look forward to hearing from you regarding the email I sent you last week

Have a great weekend”

– Elly

“This business is everything that it was promised to be…the price is great and the information straight to the point”

– Amanda Bodoa, Townsville Australia

“Dear Myriam

I am just writing to say “Thank You” for the business opportunity you have provided to me. The Refund Consulting Program (RCP) is exactly what I have been looking for. After completing intensive study and workplace training to become a Teacher’s Aide, a career which I thought would suit my young family, I discovered that it wasn’t what I was looking for. That’s when I stumbled across the Money Refund Programme, and know this was it! I truly could work my own hours around my family.

The information in the package is comprehensive and put together in the most simple way possible- because really, the business is simple! Yes if I had to accumulate all the resources myself I wouldn’t have known where to start and it would have taken possibly years to get my business up and running.

So with your package I was able to establish my business in the most effective manner and start producing an income in minimal time and with minimal fuss. I love the flexibility and the income the Money Refund Programme has given me, and I will not need to be looking for a dull 9-5 job ever again!”

– Judy

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