Create Australia Refund Consulting Business Founder Myriam Borg Interview on being an entrepreneur - Create Australia

Create Australia Refund Consulting Business Founder Myriam Borg Interview on being an entrepreneur

So today we’re going to be interviewing,
Nuremburg CEO and founder of create Australia
and mastermind behind the
refund consulting program I’m going to be
looking at the entrepreneurialism in general but also sort of exploring what
it takes to be an entrepreneur beyond so Miriam when you first got started
in business obviously it’s hard initially so why would you get started and had
basically where did you go from there hi well you know that’s a really interesting
question it is hard and I think it’s it’s not a it’s not a journey
for the young for the faint-hearted
really but having said that I think most
people that get into business for
themselves have a lot of motivation and
that could differ from person to person
you know it’s not a one I guess a one
fit for everybody it’s not the one
reason for everybody but me it was very
much driven by my need for freedom and I
think what you will find is that a lot
of entrepreneurs have a deep deep deep
seated need this opportunity this whole
thing I mean I am quite by accident or
you could say you know it was part of I
guess a search so I started out really
wanting out of being a nine-to-five or
in my instance it was really seven to
seven okay working a job and just barely
surviving so really wanted out of that
whole scene where I was just constantly
working tired commuting you know having
to be in an office with a whole heap of
strangers for eight hours a day that you
know just just to earn a living and it
wasn’t it wasn’t appealing to me anymore
and asking questions you know what they
am i doing you know I’m the only
surviving I’m barely paying the bills
I’m always stressed out financially and
yet I’m supposedly working in this
fantastic little job in this city
through an employee I was an employer
and you know I was working I was I was a
professional I was in you know Sydney
City I looked the part so I guess it’s a
journey that a lot of people are going
through as employees you know it sounds
fantastic but when you break it down to
their experience it’s very stressful
because they’re waking up earlier
they’re you know going on those trains
you know which are often you know
prouder just like it’s just it’s a
struggle there’s a struggle involved
that’s very unappealing and you know to
start off with that wasn’t the case so I
think you do to get to enterpreneurship
to get to wanting to be in business for
yourself I think you need to go through
an emotional process where you have
you’ve had enough or you decide look now
is the time for me to do something for
myself or to look at you know launching
my idea so I came from within in a way
it came from within and I went looking
and I couldn’t find anything like I love
the traditional business and I looked at
buying a childcare center as an option
yeah and get into the chocolate business
you were driven by business in a way you
hope that business and said that’s the
me yeah I wanted to I want to be
self-employed I want to be money and so
I look at different options and nothing
actually fitted me and and um I think
you know one of the one of the graces
you know saying why did I do this or
water actually do this particular
business I think it’s because I have
real clarity about what I wanted and
what I didn’t want
I do you know my chels but I knew that
so you’re motivated but you look at so
when you’re looking at this in total
were you looking at it like you this is
exactly what I’m going to be doing did
you know the direction the exact
direction that you’re going to be
heading no no I just know what I want I
wanted a location independent business I
wanted to be able to work you know I was
at the time I was young
when I was about to have another child
and that’s when I had a bit of a crisis
an emotional crisis like oh my god I’ve
got a toddler that I’m hardly seeing so
did you look at a lot of different
business models or did you sort of
searching searching searching searching
or did you suddenly stumble across this
opportunity no I was I was I was
pregnant I was having an emotional
crisis and I was desperately looking at
options I was actually going and
inspecting businesses that were for sale
I was talking to the banks about getting
funding for different businesses I was
you know reading I was on the internet
looking for business opportunities that
I was visiting franchises and listening
during inter meetings I was actively
looking at options and there wasn’t
there was none that one that meant what
I wanted which is a big list that that
you know I thought was never going to be
met you know you had a strict criteria
how did you find this opportunity
perfectly I knew my criteria and my
question was you know location
independent I want to be able to work
from anywhere so I want to raise my kids
if I wanted to I want to travel if I
wanted to I want to do whatever I’d ever
wanted and still be earning the money
while doing that yeah big ask I wanted
to have a very lucrative niche area
where I can make a lot of money for a
reasonable time so you know I like to
work obviously honestly and do my bit I
know you have to you know do the work
and you know do the sweat equity said it
wasn’t about you know a get rich or
anything you know pie-in-the-sky
dreamy rubbish it was really about I’m
almost like reasonable in terms of what
you expected to get right that’s right
so I wanted something that was going to
be really rewarding me highly and
sustainable so and not all businesses
are that way inclined at all you know
there are businesses that you’re working
really hard for next to nothing just to
keep your head above water and people
don’t talk about these things at
business you know there’s a real front
that people don’t talk about so um so I
knew what I wanted you know I wanted all
of that and I wanted to be able to
have options of scaling up explained if
I wanted to in the future I wanted to
have a business model or a business that
can you know work internationally no
tollgate was not that child care is a
local business so it didn’t fit that
bill for example as an example so I was
looking and thinking about what it is
that I really wanted so I had this luck
checklist yeah and then sitting down
watching TV this opportunity about it
was a show really about these people
that were assisting the general public
in refunding lost money and I was
watching it and the penny dropped it
like well it was just one of these aha
moments where like all my boxers were
getting like this is it
yeah this is it and you know you hear a
lot of that with really successful
entrepreneurs and it’s not you know I
say it’s by accident I say it’s you know
like I’m so blessed you hear me say that
a lot in my interviews but the truth is
I’ve gone through a real process of
knowing and clarifying what I wanted and
so when the opportunity came or
presented itself you know it was just a
show like you know everybody else
watched heard and yet for me I took that
and turned it into a business so this
thing when I did a lot of research after
that do you went and looked it like
deeply oh yeah this is why and then so
you went through that and you decided
okay this checks my I want to be
international this very quickly I
watched it and I literally said this is
it then when I went and researched my
smile got wider and wider and wider so
that was my process it was really simple
how did you know it was gonna work what
did you how did you know did you go and
test it I wasn’t fit like he went it
made sure was amazing you look within in
business and for 18 years yeah and and I
and I need you know business people that
I deal with businesses they
in day out so you know and people are
you know very different functionality
something for you don’t think that they
can sit there and they do these massive
reports and monstrous research and yet I
actually think certainly in my
experience some of the most successful
entrepreneurs into Heather and knack for
it and then tend to go with a gut
feeling which is certainly what I did
and had absolute faith in that belief so
if I’m being honest I mean I’ve got
awkward bamboozled you with [ __ ] but
it has been really honest I would have
to say that I saw it it appealed to me
it was like and this is what I want it
just sounded so so right it probably sat
well with you as well obviously the fact
that you’re returning lost funds you
know there’s a real sort of a vision and
clarity and that you know what like
giving money back to people absolutely
and that’s gorgeous this has been win in
a way that’s not even you know
monetarily based like you are you’re
giving literally for a living and that
was one of the big ticks one of the
things that I really really wanted
within my business I I didn’t want to
keep on doing you know what I was doing
as an employee which I felt was just you
know doing stuff just to make money you
know like there was no I didn’t feel
like I was doing anything it was greater
than mutters yeah well it wasn’t
anything that was greater than myself
there was no cool Wars or there was no
purpose exactly and you know in this
business and this is what appealed to me
you know I was always making people
happy you know I’m always being you know
in a way like you know Santa Claus you
know everyday you know giving people
money and helping people I guess you
know through a process that’s quite a
you know complex the refund process and
simplifying that and so I was doing
something that I felt was of great
service right and that means a lot that
resonated with me and to be able to be
paid for that was another big tick so
when you ever got started we’re looking
at sort of investors was that something
that you needed to sort of explore um
well that was that was one of the things
that was on my at least I wanted
something that was no going to cost me a
lot because I did not have a lot I was
fairly broke I was really low so I was
in my late twenties yeah so you know
just to give you the picture when III
launched in business I was in my late
20s I was 29 I had a toddler and I was a
month pregnant and I had a mortgage and
a car lease and very little savings so
basically it was very much hantum out by
the time I paid everything it was just
really struggle straight my savings were
around two hundred and seventy one
dollars I’m very okay about that yeah
you know just under three hundred
dollars in my bank account literally
yeah and that’s when I launched and you
know you what about marketing well
that’s the thing that’s why it was a
heart because you know there is no
marketing involved and and roof that’s
right it’s it’s a service so you’re
providing a service and there’s no and
there is no marketing you are you go and
you find a client and you tell them
you’re gonna be assisting them and so
really there was absolutely no custom
acquisition cost how beautiful is that I
couldn’t afford to be honest I when I
very first started I I wasn’t very sure
about that and as it turned out in roof
on industry actually do not need that
there is no networking required you know
I mean you need to have guts because you
know yeah you’re launching business
you’re launching something very new
absolutely so you know you need to have
guts tenacity all of that and desire I
guess in motivation
you don’t need contacts you do not need
to you know have people backing you up
you don’t need to know the right people
and that’s the beauty of it you know I
mean you know once you figure it out
once you’ve got you know that the basis
of the system you just know it was that
beautiful what’s that apprehensive you
though like did you sort of look at that
and go wow that’s you know this is scary
this is scary stuff do I jump in you
know did you take a while to get off the
ground was it all in or nothing
um I um I think I had I course I was
scared yeah to be honest it wasn’t a
most ideal time to motion business about
a give birth oh my god and responsible
for little man my foyer yeah yeah and I
launched you know I was like Lord it was
like ahh and I did crazy things I did
crazy things I wanted it and I wanted to
be you know I guess the end result which
is you know to have that flexibility and
to be able to work around my family and
not to leave my kids at childcare all
day you know I wanted all of that and to
make you know crazy money I wanted that
I wanted to be well effectively honest
you had this goal all in my very robe
Larry Kleist was right here was just so
um that drove me yeah and I did a lot of
things you know I sold anything that
wasn’t you know attached in my house I
sold a lot of stuff I sold been crawled
that’s how I started you know is very
they they see the opportunity and then
they see the way to make it happen yeah
fill in the blanks themselves you know
okay step one step two step three I
agree you know and that vision is
clearly also what has driven you as well
in a unique sense yeah very unique sort
of sense yeah yeah how would you define
an entrepreneur in that in that way
personally I actually think it does come
in all shapes and sizes I don’t think
it’s a specific personality type no I
don’t some people say that you know it’s
an extrovert and that’s an entrepreneur
and that’s where they are they go out
and they know I disagree because I’ve
seen some very successful is that a very
different to what I would classify as
the ultimate so you know I do think
though that being able to take risk to a
certain degree like I take very
calculated risks but you have to be open
to risk in order to you know to work
away you know and work through
researching and ensuring that you’re
taking very calculated but you have to
be open to that you can very completely
you know in fear and and be able to
classify as because you know you you as
an entrepreneur you know it’s not just
about knowing success you know like I
going from you know being let’s say an
employer to being self-employed to
become an interpreter and growing
you’re constantly increasing that risk
as you go it never stops
people assume that it just stops but
that’s not true you’re constantly going
into bigger better right that’s that’s
really the most journey and day-to-day
motivation though how do you stay
motivated going forward because you’re
arrived you know you’ve been doing this
for a while you’re doing doing very very
well in your business how do you stay
motivated and it’s it’s all about the
why I think you need to have a why I’m
doing this after after after that
initial you know first off you could be
I was you’re really hungry yeah and a
lot of entrepreneurs are just hungry
they’re excited they’re like and they
see success and it’s like I’m not
turning back now it’s right right and it
goes through that growth and that’s
that’s usually in the first five years
okay that’s fabulous but past that you
see a lot of entrepreneurs a lot of
businesses passion
because that initial fire mmm okay it’s
just run its course and so I believe
true entrepreneurs you know the ones
that you hear about the ones that you
read about you know the movers and
shakers they have a really big why they
have a big purpose okay and so you know
in my instance it was all about okay
well I’ve done this and I can’t believe
I’ve done so well now I’m gonna go and
I’m gonna get other people to freedom as
well that’s right some really big wine
and that keeps you going and that’s how
you form your business background is
well they’re war yeah yep well my
background you know it’s I had I had
that skill set so you know I am you know
I’m qualified in Adult Ed and I was
working in adult education so I was
working as a business trainer so I had
theoretical knowledge of business and
that was really great but nothing beats
just going doing it learning in the
trenches oh yeah I don’t believe you can
barely teach anyone business without
having actually yeah in it business
that’s when you hear these straight at a
university you have an MBA and they do
they really know it’s very best
practices completely but yeah but
absolutely you know Mike Mike the fact
that I’m a doctor educator I was able to
basically put a very successful business
bottle it into a program and you know
this right because you’ve been there
you’ve actually shot like yeah you
taught met you taught many many
entrepreneurs prior to even beginning
this program credit to you I’ll be a
slave you didn’t just come straight in
he knew what you were doing
thank you so much for chatting with me
today it’s been an absolute pleasure I’m
King actually your ideas entrepreneurism
so much thank you