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Create Australia Refund Consulting Program, Celebrating 20 Years Doing It Right!

23.7 Billion Dollar Pie? 

As most of you know I have been serving everyday Australian’s New Zealanders and others from around the world on how to access the extremely lucrative “refund industry”.  A very little know “hushed up” business, that I discovered way back in 1999… Stay with me and you’ll learn some hidden truths and insights, which only a handful of very fortunate people know. 

Back in the day Before we begin, let’s look at some recent history the aspirations and promises that were given around the same time, about how we were supposed to be working in the 21st century 20 years ago we were all told that our future, which is now our today, was going to be a paperless society and to some extent that is true, we’ve got a lot more digital but with this new digital society we were also supposed to have the options of working from home. 

Not relying on working from offices. That one fell quite a bit short of the mark if anything it seems like there are more people commuting to work today than ever before. So what happened to the working from home, promise? I think it’s a case of keeping the status quo, the powers to be, want to keep workers working and taxes and oil flowing why because it has always suited them to have a group of working people doing the heavy lifting. This large working demographic is the cornerstone that’s indebted to the banking system having mortgages, children and many other commitments, makes them a prime a target for the limiting shackles of the job-rat trap. 

They are lead to believe that their job is the most secure way for them to make money to pay for their commitments and that owning a business is a risky affair that will end in failure for almost everyone who dares to try.   
A small business which is interesting considering those small businesses make up the largest sector of all businesses…they can’t all be failing can they, I mean logically that doesn’t make sense? 

This negative stereotypical point of view that is pushed across in the media traps many people into believing that jobs are the only real security in this world and going into business is fraught with danger the whole thing can collapse at any second. This is, of course, is totally incorrect if you have a job, your whole security and lively hood, the very future of your family lie in the hands of someone else, in other words, a whole raft of external factors, that you don’t control.

CONTROL, THIS MATTERS! Control, this is the main point I am trying to emphasise here because when you own a business you’re in control that security that you seek switches to you. This is true security and control; jobs are illusions of security just ask anyone who been made redundant do you think they feel secure? 


For over 20 years Create Australia has been leading the refund industry that’s worth 23.7 Billion dollars in Australia alone this is the amount of lost money that is waiting to be reunited with Australians. We have trained thousands of people to become refund expert consultants- to become self-reliant and control of their own destiny; 

There are only two ways into our industry, the hard way or the smart way…
 The hard way involves trying to figure out how the system works, looking for all the trips and traps and having a couple of years to do this by hit and miss. The smart way is to listen, learn and connect with a company that has been doing this successfully for 20 years, that makes sense, right. Let’s assume your smart and can see the sense; you’ve applied and joined with Create Australia.  

HE EARNED $89,000 

Your working as a consultant, it’s been three and half months you now have a number of clients and done quite a few refunds, doing this 2-5 time per week and working between 4-8 hours per day, you’re happy with your income, working the business model like you’ve been taught. The one-day you start up your computer (as usual) and all of a sudden the notification lights up, you’ve just located some more lost super for a potential client the amount is $495,000. You do a double-take, check again, and yes it’s right $495,000, your heart is racing, pulse quickens you reach for the phone and call the lead; tell them the good news and they’re doing backflips over the moon because until you called them they didn’t even know that money existed. 

Once they have come back to earth, you negotiate and agreed to commence the claim, they’re happy to pay you; you complete the refund, receive the cheque and deduct your fee and forward the remainder to the owner. Your refund fee is $89,000 plus change because you charge 18% (that’s your fee) this is how our industry works in a nutshell. 


What’s required for this to work like a well-oiled machine is a well thought out system, correct structure, learnable education/training, tools, and quality support. Plus a step by step process to get you from novice to expert in the shortest possible timeframe. This is what Reg (our 79-year consultant who received that $89,000 refund cheque) and thousands of other consultants we have trained around the globe have done to build their own refund businesses.

Let me ask you; would you love to work from home, spend quality time with your family, not worry about a boss and make six-figures working with clients who love you?

” This is the crux of what we do here at Create Australia, we give much-needed money back to people and make a % of every cent we refund and this could be your new life in 2020! How good does that sound? “

Get the FACTS, check the DATA and then make a DECISION maybe it’s for you (maybe it’s not, that’s ok) but at least you’ll know for sure.

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