A Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Reviews And Case Study On John And His Wife.

A Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Reviews And Case Study On John And His Wife

By September 21, 2018Create Australia Reviews

Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Reviews

Case Study On Refund Consultant ‘John’ And His Wife


This is a story about one of our Create Australia Refund Consulting Program customers.

Create Australia refund consultant ‘John’ was extremely happy, he had the life he wanted. A lovely devoted wife, great kids that are doing well in good schools. He was in an executive corporate job that was based in the city and part of his role was travelling into different cities in their Asia Pacific offices.

He was constantly travelling, visiting 2 different cities every week, business class flights. 5-star hotels. This was a part of the world that John always loved and to be able to have this high paying job that paid for his travel and time in this part of the world was a dream come true.

That is until it he had a dreadful phone call. His wife went in for a routine health check-up she then was told she had stage 4 cancer. HIs whole life was turned upside down in the space of 10 seconds. Stage 4 cancer is deadly serious. There are not many people that recover from that stage.

Luckily for John, he was a believer in alternative medicine. He researched alternate therapies when his father passed away from cancer. There were clinics in places like Mexico and Ecquador that claimed treatments for curing cancer. But he knew there wasn’t any mainstream information on them. He needed to be on the ground, to actually be there in order to be able to access those facilities. To talk to the doctors and the patients that are undergoing treatments. This would cost a lot of money, and he needed a radical shift in his and the families lifestyle. He needed to immediately leave his job, pull his kids from school, gathers his funds, finalises his affairs in Australia and be on a plane within 72 hours. Time was of the utmost importance and there wasn’t a minute to waste. He asked for and got 6 weeks to leave from his job the very next day, and headed home to his family.

After thinking about things he knew still needing some sort of income to support his new life caring for his wife. Things were going to be different.

John started his search for Home-based businesses and came across the Refund Consulting Program. He immediately called our office and spoke to one of the Create Australia consultants. He explained his situation and bought the business program on the spot.

Create Australia put him in an extra fast support system that got him up and running within 2 weeks. John was literally working non-stop for 4 and a half days. Organising plane tickets, accommodation, tying up loose ends, and starting a new business from scratch. The power of the human mind and showing what can be done through commitment and tenacity is a lesson that needs to be taught for all of us. Humans aren’t privileged to have everything handed to them on a silver platter. For people like John, grit and determination and a no retreat attitude got things done.

Jumping forward 3 weeks. Johns wife is in a Mexican clinic and she is getting treatment for cancer and it looks very positive. His Kids are in an International American school based not far from the clinic. John is by his wifes’ bedside running his Refund Consulting Business and He is about to make his 1st big $ refund. He has already completed 2 smaller ones for people and the fruits of his hard work and perseverance in the belief of the business is paying off. He put in his resignation from his high power job.

Jump forward 6 months. John wife is healthy and looking after herself. She did not need radiation or chemotherapy. But with the alternative therapy, she went through you could say she has beaten cancer and keeping a close eye with regular check-ups to remain all clear of cancer. John’s kids are doing great in their new school and they are now looking at colleges in the USA to attend. And John well he is running his Refund Consulting Business together with his wife. They live on the beautiful Caribbean coast of Mexico. They spend their spare time travelling the Islands of the Caribbean and the countries of Central America with their children. John has been given a new chance for his family, and new horizons and his refund business and he has grabbed it by the horns and earning great money from his new home. In the space of 72 hours, his life went inside out, back to front. And he came out on top.

By seeing Johns example, it is ok to be different whether it’s by choice, by chance or by necessity. To live differently. To learn differently. To heal differently and to have your different home based business.

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