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Refund Consulting Reviews: Myriam Speaks Of Her Experience

Myriam Borg Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Myriam Reviews

Myriam reviews the Refund Consulting business and the entire entrepreneurial journey as a lifestyle choice, listen to her speak candidly about the decision she took some 18 and half years ago that led her to great success and personal growth.

Refund Consulting Reviews By Lorie


Accomplished and well-established Refund Consultant Ms. Lorie Brinks is a Create Australia student, who has utilized the training, support, and skills gained from the Refund Business Program system to propel her to great success, over the past 3 years Ms. Brinks has seen great success in the Lost money refund industry, Click the play button above to listen on her audio.

Refund Consulting Reviews: Monica J

At age 28 Monica was feeling a growing dissatisfaction with the restraints of her job, her boss was demanding extra hours at work from her, and she felt drained & unhappy. she also started thinking that she will not be enjoying her job in few years time once married and with kids-  she went on a search for something satisfying- she found & read about the Refund Industry.  over a few weeks she decided that Refund consulting was a positive step forward, she loved the a ready to go business Launch system offered by Create Business Australia – the rest is history.  Today over 2.5 years later Monica says she has found her calling not only does she love refunding money to happy, grateful people- that put a smile on face every day, she now has controlled her income and lifestyle in ways she was never able to do within the confines of a job. listen to her Create Australia refund consulting review in the video above