Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Agents Story | How Refund Consultant ‘Jennifer’ Recreate Her Life

Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Agents Story | How Refund Consultant ‘Jennifer’ Recreated Her Life?

Create Australia Agents Story

Panic Attacks At 3 AM!


I want to share with you this absolutely tragic story about a client of ours, now obviously we’re not going to disclose names here so let’s call her ‘Jennifer’.

Jennifer felt her heart sink.

She was having coffee with some old friends…And they were all talking about a cruise they were going on.  

It was an incredible trip – 35 stop-offs all around the world, including China and Alaska.  

How she wished she could go…  

Meanwhile, she was looking at the menu looking for the cheapest lunch item – so she knew she could afford it.

Hoping for the subject to change… And hoping no one would ask why she wasn’t coming.  

You see, lack of money had killed Jennifer and her husband Ron’s retirement dreams.  

They had been comfortable while they both worked.  But they didn’t build a strong, passive asset base before their retirement.  

And, they went through their super in just a few short years.  

So just making ends meet each week was a struggle, as they tried to survive on the few hundred dollars they got a week from the Government.  

In fact, every other night Jennifer would wake up at 3 am with night sweats wondering what she would do in a costly emergency…  

Or, if the government made a cut to the Pension.  

And she felt embarrassed whenever the subject of money came up – because she knew her and her husband should have – and could have – done better.   

Luckily, this frightening vision hasn’t happened yet for most of you yet.

But according to the VERY real statistics… For a lot of you… This is ‘crystal ball’ into the future… Of what it will be like for you and the literally millions of Australians who don’t take serious action now…

That’s because to retire comfortably (assuming your home is fully paid off)… Even on as little as $50,000 a year… You may need as much $1 million in assets owned debt free… Returning a 5% yield… And if you don’t know what any of that means… Then you should be looking straight into the mirror my friend.

To retire on $100,000 per year you may need as much as $2million in assets owned debt free returning a 5% yield…

Are you there yet? Are you on track?  

Or are you heading towards the darker vision? I am betting that most of you aren’t.

(By now, you’re probably wondering about Jennifer and how she fits into this… But I’ll get to that.)

Why? Well, that’s because after learning how to conduct better work/ life balance, eat responsibly, go to university, raise children, work hard to advance to the highest paying role you can achieve… They expect you to turn around and ALSO be an expert on how to invest your money.

Unbelievable… But it’s the cold hard truth of the sometimes cruel game we play.

The reality is, you can’t afford not to invest, you can’t afford not to diversify your income… It’s simply NOT AN OPTION as Jennifer has witnessed herself… There is no sanity or safety in ignoring it! If you’re heading into the financial black hole… It’s time for action.

Get my free report on how YOU can begin expanding and diversifying your income today!

You have two choices:

1. Ignore the nagging fear, and hope everything all works out
2. Take decisive action now

If you’re up for taking action now to avoid this grim fate… And creating a better future for yourself…

A future where you can travel… Feel the white sand on your feet as you gaze on the aqua oceans of beautiful tropical beaches…

Breathe in the fresh air of glorious European Mountains…

Eat out at delicious restaurants, whenever you please without worrying about the bill…

Support your kids and grandkids to get the best start in life…  

And even own a home by the beach…

So you’re golden years, truly are your golden years…

Then Join Me Today!

My Create Australia Refund Consulting Program has helped many individuals like yourself and even JENNIFER!!! Who last week made her first $10,000 in her new Refund business!

(If I tell you exactly how she is going… you’ll flip out!!)

But until then… I want you to read up on this quick story on how you can recreate the EXACT success that Jennifer has witnessed.

Download it here>>> Create Australia Free Report

It’s so simple and won’t take more than 10 minutes for you read through!

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