Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Case Study Review Of Monica J

Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Case Study Review Of Monica J


At age 28 Create Australia refund consultant “Monica J” was a successful professional working in Medical Administration. However, she was feeling a growing dissatisfaction with the restraints her job was placing on her. Her employer was demanding she work extra hours, and the fast pace of her work left her with very little energy on weekends – she was also getting engaged and started thinking that she will not be enjoying her job in few years time once married and having children. She tried a few things on the side, multi-level marketing, tupperware the like, none of the trials at semi self-employment yielded her any results.

Then one weekend reading up on small businesses in Australia she read about the Create Australia Refund Consulting Industry Review. This peaked her interest and over a 4 week period, she read everything she can on it, deciding to enroll in the Refund Consulting Program, a ready to go Refund Business Launch system of Myriam Borg.

Monica found the business training, supported launch stimulating and soon she was launching her own refund consulting agency service.

Within 16 weeks Monica was not just learning, she also started earning this is when she realised what a goldmine her refund consulting business really was!

Today, over 2 years later Monica says that she has found her calling not only does she love refunding money to happy, grateful clients – that put a smile on her lips every day.

Monica also realises that by running her Refund Consulting agency, she now has controlled her income and lifestyle in ways she was never able to do within the confines of a job. Right now, Monica can look forward to marriage and have children without dreading the loss of mental stimulation suffered by young mums, or loss of income in a growing household. That is wise planning for the future.

If you are in a similar situation then go to and really look at your options with this exciting business model! 🙂