Myriam Borg’s Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Reviews By Refund Consultant Mike

Myriam Borg’s Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Reviews By Refund Consultant Mike

Myriam Borg’s Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Testimonial Reviews

By Refund Consultant Mike


Here’s what Create Australia Refund Consultant “Mike” says;

“My name is Mike, and I have bought the Create Australia Refund Consulting Program about 3 years ago. I looked long and hard for something like this and now that I have found it, I am putting 101% into it.

I finished school at 18 as usual and then went straight into an engineering degree. After finishing that I couldn’t get a job in engineering so I did labouring for a local builder on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. This lasted for 2 long years. During that time I saved every cent I had?  I did manage to save enough to go and travel all over Thailand for 6 months. I went from the usual party places in Phuket and Bangkok and finally ended up in the north, Chang Mai region. By that stage, I was running out of money but loved the place so much I promised myself that I was going to come back in a year or two.

I got back to Australia and started going for a job interview for engineering positions. I still had no experience and was finding it hard to secure a job that I studied long and hard for.  At the same time, I was looking overseas for engineering positions. Dubai and Kuwait were looking for engineers at the time and I applied and received 2 job offers. OK. I packed my bags and off I went. After four months in Australia, I’m away to a new country again. I did a 2-year stint in Dubai and 5 years in Saudi the money was great. But something was niggling at my side.

I followed through with the promise to myself and ended up back in Thailand. I wasted little time and made my way back to Chang Mai and reconnected with all my old friends up there. I had 8 weeks of holiday planned but I enjoyed it so much I ended up stretching it to 8 years. Ended up marrying a beautiful local Thai girl, and we had 2 boys along the way. So by now I’m trying my hand at currency trading and farming fish with the wife’s family. It’s a great life, absolutely loved it but it didn’t bring enough money. I wanted to show my family Australia, and get them a taste of our Aussie life and schooling for the boys.

Problem was, my wife’s family is a very tight family unit and they depend on her and she needs them too. I couldn’t take that way from her but we needed the money so I took another 10-month contract in Dubai… Did this for 3 years and it was tearing me apart. To be away for so long from the wife and kids you adore is absolute torture and I desperately needed another option.

That’s when I went searching for online businesses. I had a go once with currency trading but it was up and down and you needed money in it to make money, or not make money as was my case. I started searching on the internet for buying an Australian business. Australian because I’m familiar with the country and I know I can trust an Aussie. Well, my searches went from selling things on eBay to direct marketing, Amway Nutralife etc to finally the only business that had any merit. The Create Australia Refund Consulting Program.

I did my research and checked it out thoroughly. The girls from the sales office were so sweet. Whenever I called and said my customary “G’day”  They answered with “G’day Mike” and they helped me with every query I had. After a week I Ended up buying the Top package they had because it had more support and it was all that they said it was and more. I gave this business everything I had because I didn’t want to go back to being away from my wife n kids…

The Create Australia Refund Consulting Program was very thorough and it’s like a step by step guide to setting up the whole thing, the support component is there as well to help you along the way if you ever need it. Myriam Borg, the founder of The Refund Consulting industry and author of the business program was always there too, though the support team did a lot of heavy lifting. Really after about the 3rd month its a piece of cake. I can’t recommend The Create Australia Refund Consulting Program enough. For me and my family, it was a life changer. I’m in Thailand, living in a pristine part of the world, my wife is working alongside me and yes, we still work the fish farm and gardens together. Our boys are now enrolled in an International School, and once they finish they are eligible to enter any university in the world. This business has given me the ability to live my ultimate dream.

To sum it up I’ve got these two words to say to the wonderful team at Create Australia “Thank you”


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