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How A Portable Business Allows Me To Travel The World

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How a portable business allows freedom

Reality is, a lot of people don’t end up in the career that they dreamt of. Many of us didn’t dream of spending 3 hours in traffic a day only to be chained to a desk making someone else money.

You might have chosen to have children early, got into a job just for the money or worked your way around numerous firms never to have quite reached an area that made you happy and satisfied.

Myriam Borg, the founder of Create Australia knows this scenario too well. In her  20s, kids in tow and searching for an opportunity that was going to lead her away from the 9-5 (who are we kidding, it’s a 6am-7pm) lifestyle. Searching high and low for an online business that would suit her lifestyle was hard, cutting through all of the ‘make $1 million in your first year’ ‘fast cash’ was time consuming. Was that really all that’s on offer?

“All I wanted was a business that was portable and profitable”

Stumbling across the world of lost money sounds a bit up in the air, dodgy even! But, after much research, she came to see the value of a business that was virtually untapped. It ticked all of the boxes the stay at home mum was looking for- portable, freedom and most importantly there was good money to be made

Having the freedom to pick up your business and move it whenever and wherever you like, sounds surreal doesn’t it? I mean not many people get to associate that freedom with work. How many of us get to make our own choices in how we run our business or what hours we should work? I would bet that a high percentage of us get told when we should work, what we should wear and even when we should take our lunch break. That doesn’t sit well with me because we are all at our best at different times of the day, some are night owls and others are early morning risers that enjoy having the afternoon off.  Shouldn’t we be granted some flexibility with our working lives?

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“With technology today, I can now take my business anywhere as long as I have a phone or a laptop. My business is portable, I am portable, my lifestyle is portable.” Myriam defies the norm of the 9-5 working style and she steps outside of those boundaries everyday. She never confines herself to the norm that most of us live by.

“Im a traveller at heart and I wanted a business that was going to seamlessly apply to my lifestyle. My children are well acquainted with different countries, we take them everywhere with us and they learn a lot from immersing themselves in different cultures.”

Does a portable business allow freedom? The right one sure does.