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“Customer Review By Amalia, Our Gorgeous Refund Consulting Program Participant”


“Create Refund Consulting Business: Listen To Helen, Review Her ‘The Refund Consulting Program’ Experience”


“Alan was a stressed-out finance guy, trying to escape the corporate world. Today he is running his Refund business remotely from Thailand living a dream lifestyle totally different from the one he was leading in Sydney 12 months ago.”


“2019 Refund Consulting Program Review By Jane, Another Super Successful Customer”


“What I am truly grateful for is the support you really do receive from Myriam and her team…”

– Monica J

“My husband was sceptical until he saw my first cheque for $18,120. That day was an absolute delight – and now he works with me”


“Adrian has been working the Refund Consulting Program System for almost 7 months now. Check Out His Review Of Create Australia!”

– Adrian

“The International Refund Program Testimonial by Tim Wye New Zealand”



“Listen to Lorie one of our successful Create Australia’s Refund Consultants talk about the Refund business program, Here is what she has to say”


Myriam Borg Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Founder

“Myriam Borg interview on being an entrepreneur”

“Interview with client 6.5 years later”


“The Refund Program made a lot of sense, it ticked all the boxes”


“The Refund Consulting Program (RCP): Find Lost Funds Anna’s Home Business Australia”


“The Refund Consulting Program (RCP): Find Lost Funds Small Business Australia”


“The Refund Consulting Program (RCP): See What Sheryl Has to Say About the Program”


“The Refund Consulting Program (RCP): Susan O”


“The world is your oyster. Myriam has done her research and after all my due diligence I cannot fault the programme whatsoever”


“Myriam is for real and her staff were easy to contact and professional. It was an easy to decision to make and I’m glad I did”