Who Chooses Your Lifestyle?

Who Chooses Your Lifestyle?

Create Australia Who Chooses Your Lifestyle By Myriam Borg

A simple question but maybe not always a simple answer.

Most of you would think well duh… of course I choose my own lifestyle. But do we? Or do we seemingly morph into a lifestyle based on our needs and wants at particular stages of our journey?

Lifestyle is the everyday path we follow; the culmination of choices we have made that deliver us to where we are in life today. These choices are influenced by an array of factors such as family, income, culture and social class. The way in which we live is compounded by our everyday motivations to seek out our own self worth.

Expressed through both work and leisure behaviors, lifestyle goes far beyond that of a simple work/life balance. It involves your attitudes toward life, your values, interests and opinions on various factors

I’m a big advocate for work/life balance so my thoughts on lifestyle choices centre around work. We all need income and the biggest factor that attributes to this is work.

Work forms a minimum of 22% of our week, that’s if you’re working a typical 38 hour week and you roll over in bed and begin work from home.

Considering that 9 out of 10 people spend more than 90 minutes travelling to work each day then we are looking at a slightly higher percentage.

Work plays a huge role in our lifestyle, dependent on the hours we work, the income we receive and the relationships we have in the workplace. This can have a ripple effect onto our family life, social calendar and can even dictate how and where we live out our lifestyle.

I want to believe that we choose our lifestyle; whether it’s following a career path, travelling the world or taking care of the family, they are all choices we should be able to make. Whether our choices are right or wrong, it should be up to us to make them.

If you purchase 2 x coffees a day it is costing you $2500 a year, after work drinks on a Friday night or going out for lunch with colleagues three days a week may be upwards of $5000 a year.

If that’s the life you want- great; but if it’s not then reign in the spending, get a second job, start an online business or be involved in a real work/life balance lifestyle so that you do in fact get to choose your own lifestyle.

Take the control and make your own choices, adopt your own lifestyle.